6:07:00 PM

life is only temporary.
hope everything is good but we only be able to plan, everything has been determined.
I always say :-
sometimes life is not fair but 
the truth, I was wrong :-(
Actually, life never lie, but dishonest people who cause life is not fair. 

 oh my GOD,
please show me the way
please guide me the way
to be the perfect man 
in this world and here after
even does not qualify on me.

but,please give me a chance 
to be on of them,
to success in my life.
to get my degree,
and I can give it to my lovely parent
whether my demand is too cruel?
or too greedy?
before this, I accept everything without question,
but now I began to realize
that others are willing to cheat in order to succeed,
willing to kill for money in order to continue living.
why I still want to let the imagination works in me.
I should wake up myself.
I dont want to repeat my failure.but why should become evil to live?to success?
I dont want to be that.
Please God....love me,guide me..show me the truth in front of my eyes.

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