When I miss something (part 2)~

8:33:00 AM

I remind you to read this post after you read part 1.Just to make you understand my situation.now, let's continue.

someone already said..
'how beautiful your story'..

my reply was it is not easy to make it beautiful.It sound like when people want to look gorgeous in front of others .What they do?.They try hard,is it?They always try to improve themselves, using foundation,then blusher,lipstick,personality and so on.that is how the story become beautiful.same goes how you make up your eeman.it is not the easy way.Everyday you need to be consistent and improve.But only small people that make up their eeman , the rest just extreme on make up their physical beauty

I rewind again what my mum reply me.' that A phone can't just get up and walk away without foot in it'

You see ,just like how mum gave up right there,that's the point when most people stop wondering,when most people stop caring.You can't find something, you know it's somewhere and even though you've looked everywhere there is still no sign.so you put it down to your own madness,blame yourself for losing it and eventually forget about it.I couldn't do that.

but i know why mum did that.My family were so supportive, and I only realise it now.I'm finding that with every passing day,that realisation is so much more frustrating than never finding anything.i love my mum and my family.

but until now, when my mum call..i still asking about my phone.it is because there is something important there that you don't want to miss and lost it but why i forget it?.huhu.

every single time i left the house even the times when i cut my visits short,mum would announce proudly is there anything you miss something and left behind?haha.Not just mum but the whole of my family would announce that question to me.That's why i hate so much missing something.

to be continue..

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