When I miss something(part 1)~

1:37:00 AM

I really want to stop..stop from being useless, stop from  laziness, stop from forgetting the important thing, stop from missing the good thing and somehow i could think  to stop being writer for this blog.There is nothing funny about being missing and i realised there is nothing very different about being missing: everyday i do the same as i did when i was missing something.i search. only this time i search for a way back to be found.once again  in my life I want to go home.

The story begin....

Last holiday i miss my phone, I can't contact anyone.Then I search my phone book..alhamdulillah,good thing that some of my friends number was there.Every time i miss something, I will ask my mum for helping me.Mum would give me that smile, the smile that didn't reach her eyes.With forced easiness in her voice and that forced face of happiness, she would cock her head to one side, try not to let me know  she was studying me intently and say,"why do you want to search the house again?"
               "because i can't find it ,mum."
               "how it looks like?"the easy smile, the pretend that this was a casual conversation and not a desperate attempt at interrogation to find out how my mind worked.
              "My phone.that is the only phone i have mum"

she chewed for a while ,pretending not to be thinking, pretending to watch the television. All to fool me into thinking there was nothing to be worried about.when I search and search again..suddenly mum speak.

            "ani,she smiled,'sometimes things just get lost'
             'where do they go when they're lost?'
            " They don't go anywhere,'she smiled. 
             "they are always in the place we dropped them or left them behind.we're just not looking in the right area when we can't find them.'

'but I've looked in all the places,mum.I always do.'

A phone can't just get up and walk away without a foot in it,'mum false-laughed.

to be continue..

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  1. kena buka google translte baca en3 ni.. heeee

  2. iyeke?saya dah ter post part 2 dgn final part la.nanti saya post entri arab pula.yang tu saudara shaker pula kena translate untuk saya :)

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