Don't eat my BRAINs..!!!!

4:50:00 PM

Hahahahaaaa.this entry is for those who are addicted to game plant vs zombie.and..and.. I am one of them..
You know..i also play this games in my dream..owh my God..sOoo addicted.wanna try it??so fun..see me..hehe.
You must try hard to win in order to save your brain or if not zombie will come to your house and EAT YOUR BRAIN..yummy..ok 5 more minutes to go home..hurm..still waiting..haha.this is crazy entry.Layanzzz

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4 strawberries yummy

  1. eh, kenangan ni. nak main semulalah. hahaha.

  2. macam2 nama blog ni. hehe

  3. saja try and error.dah tukar balik dah..


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