Like father,Like daughter

10:53:00 AM

Like Father, Like daughter..

When I grown up, mom said only my physical resemble her.
Nevertheless, when it comes to attitudes, mom always said, “you’re like your father”

Especially when it comes to my hobbies,my bad attitudes.haha..then mom said..hurm like father, like daughter..

It is so funny..but i like that phrase most.Because dad always getting a bad side from me and mom getting good side from me..

When mom said like father like daughter, I feel sO0ooo happyyyyyyyyy because old people said when daughter resemble her father, then she is kind, same goes with son..When he resemble his mother, then he is gentleman..hehe

Dear dad,
Do You know how much I love you..My love to you is bigger than this world. You’re the one who trained me how to cycle, to swim, and the best thing how to become a good daughter and good girl.

Do you know how much I miss you now...but I know that you will not come back again. I hope that you will happy there. See you..Sooner or Later..I also must be there. That is fate where human cannot run away.

Al-Fatihah to my lovely father and lovely brother.

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  1. Al-fatihah.....

  2. alfatihah.  ayah yang hebat melahirkan anak2 yang hebat. alhamdulillah...=)

  3. kak ckin betul2x pembaca setia ni.


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