Aisya is growing up

10:44:00 AM

You're SooOOooooOO cute like you auntie..ngeh3x
Miss my little baby so are you..aisya??ur mom doing good job right??kihkih..when you want to come back?To see me,ur cute aunt) also did good job here with other beautiful aunties in Malaysia Nuclear Agency.

Owh..ur house is waiting for its owner..And you there..hopefully fine with bless from God..When it is cold, don't forget to tell ur mommy to put lotion on ur body also wear winter cloth..I'm gonna miss u everyday.New Zealand..?Australia..??Japan..??oh..don't make me confuse where to fly first..Of course Sarawak first..ngeeee...
auntie yang dah kepenatan baca research paper..

Apalagi bila eksperimen fail dan kene ulang semula..(but don't worry..auntie did good job here)

 smile like this everyday when u wake up then auntie will happy here no matter what happen

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1 strawberries yummy

  1. aii busy nampak! bila balik kg bagitaw. Pose dah dekat nih!


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