Purpose of Life

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People everywhere are asking the questions; "What is the purpose of life?" and "Why are we here?" You might be amazed to learn, that Islam is providing clear and concise answers for these questions.
Most of those who reflect or think about life in any detail will consider and ponder these questions. There are as many different answers to these questions as there are people asking the questions. Some would hold that the purpose of life was to acquire wealth. Yet suppose they were to acquire millions of dollars, what then would they claim is their purpose after doing so?

If the purpose of life is to become wealthy, there would be no purpose after becoming wealthy.

The fact is that when people approach their purpose here in this life from the aspect of only gaining wealth, after collecting the money they have dreamed of their lives loose purpose and then they live in restless tension suffering from a feeling of worthlessness.

How could wealth then be considered as the aim of life?

Could the acquisition of wealth guarantee happiness? Of course not.
When we hear of millionaires or members of their families committing suicide, how could we consider the purpose of life would be to gain great wealth?


Life is not about keeping score. 
It is not about how many friends you have 
or how accepted you are. 

It is not about who your family is,

or how much money they have.
Or what kind of car you drive. 
Or where you went to school.

It is not about how beautiful or ugly you are, 
or what clothes you wear, what shoes you have on, 
or what kind of music you listen to. 

It is not about if your hair is blonde, red, black, or brown, 
or if your skin is too light or too dark. 

Life just is not those things..... 

Life is about who you love and who you hurt. 
It is about who you make happy or unhappy, purposely. 
It is about keeping or betraying trust. 

It is about friendship, used as sanctity or as a weapon. 

It is about what you say and mean, maybe hurtful, maybe heartening. 
It is about starting rumours and contributing to petty gossip. 

It is about what judgments you pass and why... 
and who your judgments are spread to. 

It is about who you have ignored with full control and intention. 

It is about jealousy, fear, ignorance, and revenge. 
It is about carrying inner hate and love, 
letting it grow and spreading it. 

But most of all, it is about using your life to touch or poison, 
other people's hearts in such a way that
could have never occurred alone. 

You, and only you, choose the way those hearts are affected...

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